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Preview of My Blog “Chala Tikku Hero ban-ne”

More than a Decade ago I was being interviewed for a Job by an Ad AImagegency who was working for Param milk.

I wrote this Limerick for them when Movie Lagaan was launched and Today am Writing a Blog on it, However couldn’t resist sharing this pehle…… 

“Amir hai fantastic, Ajab hai uska Style,
Jab bhi dikhta hai Screen par, Sabke mooh par aa jaati hai Smile.

Kee usne Barri Mehnat, banane mein “Lagaan”,
Picchle do Saal se Aamir ka yahi tha Dhyaan,

Saare Achambhe se mujhse poochte hai, Is he Born Great, Ya acche hai iske Karam?
I just Smile and Say, He must be Drinking Doodh Param””

June 2001

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