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Remembering my First Girl Friend!!


Today is a Death Anniversary of a Person Whom I regard a lot.

She Was my First Girl Friend, She is my biggest Well Wisher and I know whenever I smile once, She Smiles twice seeing me.

She is my Daadi, Smt. Ram Chameli!

Thought of dedicating a Blog to her today…. Started writing it a few days ago….
Been almost 2500 Words and abhi bhi mujhe lag raha hai….. ki 25% bhi nahi likha. 
Here sharing some of her Pearls that has helped me become a Better Human being.
As She Said “Pehle Ek acche Insaan bano”

• Ek ne kahi, Duje ne Maani, Nanak keh gaye, Dono Gyani!!
• Guru Ramdas, Tere charna di raas, Poori Kar meri aas. O Sodhi Sultan, Karde Mushkile Asaan!!
• Ek Chup te Sau Sukh!!
• Buddhe ka kaha aur Aammle ka Khaya, baad mein kaam aata hai!!
• Vand Chakko, Khand Chakko!!
• Eh Babbe da Mandar hai, Sab kuch iske Anadar hai!!

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Vandd Chakko, Khand Chakko!!

When one Shares and Eat, Everything Starts Tasting Sweeter!!!
Applicable to everything!!! Sharing is the best Karma and it usually costs Nothing!

Dil To Baccha hai jeee…….

Point One—Dil to Baccha hai jeee…

Point Two—And Bacche bhagwaan ka roop hote hain…

Point Three— So dil ki baat man-ne ka matlab Bhagwaan ki baat man-na!!


Question 1—-Mein koi jhuth bolya??


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