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Aas Paas Ki Khabrein 11Sep 2013

dominos BOGO

  • Domino’s BOGO (Buy one get one) on Wednesdays is a hit. Saw 3 restaurants… all filled. And I am sure.. that online sales would be a hit too.
  • On a Wednesday afternoon.. place like Evergreen Sweets is Bhara hua and doing brisk business. (Pls note– Lunch hour is over 2 hours ago)
  • Am amused to see a beautiful lady dressed in a red dress eating Masala Dosa neatly with fork and Knife. I gave up this idea after failing 100 times.
  • Evergreen sweets serves Kulfi Faluda far far better than Haldiram does.
  • A centre called “Natural and Fresh”  Which should and till recently served Healthy Salads and Juices is now selling Cholle Chawal and Burgers.
  • Sirf mere table par ek banda baitha hai…… on others its Pair or Group
  • All restaurants should focus on having a Charging point at each table. Would get them more business. (However… McD, Costa,KFC and likes have no charging point compared to one or two they had earlier)

Samachar Smapt


When you see 100% Occupan…

kfcWhen you see 100% Occupancy at KFC on a Tuesday afternoon… realise that people are Shedding their Inhibitions of Mangalwar and other Vaars quite Blatantly!!

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