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Paanch Rupye ka Namak Paara!!

A few Days ago a Friend posted on Eatlo, enquiring about where he can find Bhaji Boxes in Old Delhi or Karol Bagh.


And the Query transported me back by 20 years to a wonderful World, when we stayed in Karol Bagh and when there was not even one day when we didn’t have Matthi, Namak para , Gurr ki Mithai, Tossa at our place.

One reason was that we really loved it and also because the best shops were near our place.
So, as soon it finished, I would pick up my Blue Coloured, Hero Ranger Cycle and rush to grab some more.

So, when it was asked on Eatlo, I could resist commenting and advising to get it from Mohan Sweets in Desh Bandhu Gupta Market, which was my favourite shop there.


One more reason of this being my Favourite shop was that the Pot Bellied Aged owner would smile seeing me… And would always give an extra piece of Mithai in my hand… irrespective if I bought for Rs 10 or Rs 50.

Today, I was in Karol Bagh for some Work. And as it was Lunch time, I was feeling hungry.
So, I went to Om Corner and had Bhature Cholle.  And then to have some Meetha, headed to nearby Sindhi Corner for Rabri Faluda.

After having my fill, When I was about to come back…… I remembered the post and headed to Mohan Sweets.

The Shop looked the same and brought back many memories.

Even the Salesman behind the Counter was same.

I asked him to pack a 1 Kg Box of Bhaji. In a minute the 48 year old Owner of the shop too joined him and I could remember seeing him Bees Saal pehle.



(Pic of the Bhaji Box I Bought)

Meanwhile a Group of School Students came there. And one of them Stretched his hand with a Rs 10 note and asked for “Paanch Rupye ke Namak pare” And the Owner Said.. “Chal aage ja”.

Was really astonished to see this attitude of the owner. The kid with his head bowed down walked away.

And I wondered how a Shopkeeper can talk like this. Rather, he should have taken Rs 5 and give whatever the Weighing scale would have justified. Or at the maximum Smiled and  told his inability to do so.



(The Boy who came to the Shop is one of these Smiling, Beaming School Children. Couldn’t resist capturing their Innocence)

Firstly, he should not have talked to the Kid like this, also who was his Current Consumer, and would have come back ordering MORE in the future. Just Like I have come today!!


What was more Ironical is that on the Weighing Scale of the Shop, a Doha of Kabir was written citing the Importance of Karma (Pic Attached)


(Pic of the DOHA on the Weighing Scale of Mohan Sweets)

One thing is for Sure that he has lost the Customer in me, But If I go to his Place…. Would surely give him another Kabir  Doha… And probably ask him to paste it facing him


(My planned Gift for the Owner of Mohan Sweets)

“Zindagi ek Bazaar hai Jahaa hota, Karmo ka Vyapaar hai…….”

A few days back……..While trying to find the meaning of Life…..I did some meditation

After some meditation…I realised that the Life is just a Big Bazaar… where Trade of Karmas happen.
This thought made me write this poem…..
Sharing the poem with you………

Baitha Soche Tikku….Yeh Jeewan kaisa Sansaar hai…..

Jahaan koi Vyast hai, to koi Bekaar hai……

Fir kiya addhyann gehra…….

Aur aya yeh khyaal sunhera…..

Mann kehta hai ki yeh  “Zindagi ek Bazaar hai Jahaa hota hai Karmo ka Vyapaar hai…….”


Yahaan har jan ek dukaandaar bhi hai aur Kharidaar bhi…..

Yaha vyaapaar hota hai Nakad bhi aur Udhaar bhi…….


Kehta hai Tikku…. Raho tum apne dil ke sacche,

Tabhi honge Karam acche……….


Yahaan hota hai Sauda Khara……

Par Yeh zindagi leti hai Intehaan Karr….


Jo Larr Parra…. Woh upar charra…. Jo nahi Larra… Woh reh gaya wahi Kharra. 

Lo chalo… Ab karo apne se vaada…….ki nek rakhe apna Iraada……

Karenege ab acche Karam…… Yehi rahega apna Uddheshya Pratham.


It’s All about Give and Take

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