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International Youth Forum 2012, The Long and Shorts of it!!

I was lucky enough to be at the 1st International Youth Forum, organized in India between 24th to 28th June 2012. This was an eye-opener and wanted to share some Snippets in regards to same. Some may be relevant to all and some may be only to me, but I shared what I felt like……The LONGS……and the SHORTS too

• Have never stayed in a Hostel since I left Bishop Cotton School, Simla on Nov 30, 1989. (Need to admit many of my fellow Delegates, were not even born by then).

• So, nice to see that the youth of today is clear in what they want and where they want to be. The route may not be clear to them, but the Destination is.

• Never have I seen So Many Enterprising youth and one place. Contrary to the common perception, that today’s Youth wants to play safe by getting a Govt Job, I Noticed here that Delegates are open to take Risks and think out of Box solutions for their own benefit along with it taking care that the Society is Benefitted at Large too.

• Never had I Sweated “So much” in such a short Span of time. (No AC’s/Coolers in our rooms). An estimate would say, I sweated enough in one night that I would do usually in a week.

The Vibes at this place were so so positive; it could illuminate a City like Delhi for 10 days.

• I have never every been so much CLICKED in such a Short Time. Hope to see some good Pics Now.

• Loved to be awake till 4 in the morning every night and discuss issues with all delegates and even chip with a game of MAFIOS.

• Have never met so many intellectual youth from so varied Geographical Locations spanning Towns, Cities, States, Countries and Continents.

• It was like the brain was working at twice the speed as we had some amazing discovery learning while brainstorming Ideas amongst us.

• I really get disturbed when I see some people sharing unauthenticated Information and Bash Govts, Media, Policies, Ideas. Good to realize that, The ALERTNESS of Few is Big enough to compensate for the IGNORANCE of many.

• I agree that Everybody does not, and cannot think on the same lines, but I am happy to see that the Paucity of ideas from one Individual is compensated by the Excess of Ideas and Passion from someone else

• It was indeed an Great Experience to listen the experiences of some of the speakers specially, Mr Gupta from Goonj, Mr Osama Manzar, First Indian Master Chef Mrs Pankaj, Prateek Shah, Delegates from Milna India, Art of Living Delegation and the Best and most inspiring Dr. Shashi Tharoor

• I have been more or less an Indian Person who wanted to Explore. At IYF, I got an excellent opportunity to meet many,many,many Like Minded Individuals and I salute their spirit of making a change that has made them travel for long hours and invest their Resources in bringing a change.

• I shared my view with most of the delegates here that we all are winners as We all have come here to discuss in regards to Development of this wonderful place called EARTH which we have inherited from our Forefathers. And it’s not OURS as We have to bequeath it to over children. With a responsibility to give them MORE than we inherited.

“You can wake up a person who is sleeping but not one who is pretending to be asleep, but here we were YOUTH of today, who does not sleep till his dreams are met”. (Only to stay awake again to fulfill our next dream)

With our Work, Let us ANNOUNCE to One and All that WE The Delegates of IYF2012, have in US what it takes and we will create a road where none exists, just to make this World a better place to live in.
Gurpreet Singh TIkku

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