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Forgive Me Lord, As I Fell for Temptation!!

Usually I Subscribe to 2 Newspapers in Paper Form. Hindustan Times and The Economic Times.

But this Sunday as Destiny would have it, My Newspaper Vendor dropped a Copy of Hindi Daily from Times group, Navbharat Times.

Having extra time at my hand and thinking that Reading a Hindi Newspaper would Brush up my Hindi a bit…. I started reading it.

After turning a few pages in Quick Succession….. I stumbled on an Advertisement from Indiatimes Shopping, Offering “Orpat Room Heaters”, with BOGO Offer.(Buy One Get One) @ Rs 1999/- 

Though the need was not there, but the Product looked Sleek, Was from a Good Company, Features were Good and came along with a Good offer and getting a sense that this winters could be chilly than earlier Years, We decided to order it.

Even with 300 Rs of Delivery Charges, I would have saved 700 Rs on each one.

Within 2 days…. I received the parcel.

The Goods Were as Desired and the Glow on the Face got Brighter.

Sadly the Glow Vanished when I scanned the Box for Additional Features 










The MRP read. Rs. 1290/- and not Rs.1990/- as printed in the Newspaper offer!!

Feeling Cheated….. I started writing this post……

But to ensure that I am not unreasonable….. I explored further and this is what I Found………





The price from Indiatimes is THE BEST.

Makes me wonder then why have they tried this strategy of Bloating the MRP and then giving it as a BOGO offer?, Due to this, You would have ALMOST lost a Client!!

And I am sure, for many more who would have not done this additional Study, would have been History. And a Bitter one!!


“Forgive me Lord, that I fell to Temptation!!”

changed to

“Thank you God, or I would have Sinned by being Unreasonable!!

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