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Gita’s Take :: …

Gita’s Take :: There is nothing more “Purifying” than “Knowledge” ~ Gita Ch 4, verse 38

My Take :: And there is nothing as “Limitless” as “Imagination”

And there is nothing in this world that can beat the right mixture of Knowledge and Imagination!!


Meeting the Author who changed my life 12 years ago!!

It was the Night of 15 May 2002, when I was feeling Dejected and Broken due to my Failure in completing my Graduation. It was then to get Some Sleep, I Picked up the latest copy of Business Today lying in my room and stumbled on an Article “The School of Hard Knocks”

Reading that Article I found a new Zest of Energy in me and immediately wrote to the Author Thanking him for the Priceless words he wrote which made me realise that Failure is Nothing and based on those Learnings I marched forward and was able to grab a Big Achievement within 45 Days.

Today, after 12 Years, I was Lucky Enough to Thank The Author in person. Mr Mahesh Murthy

Link to the Article.


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