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Subah Subah Hokar Teyarr, Dekhne Chale HUM, Movie “Son Of Sardar”


What would you expect from an Indian staying in Delhi to do on a Diwali morning?

Getting up early…..Taking Bath, Wishing Parents, Going to Temple and do Pooja!!

Shift to our household…….All of us supposed to get up at 6:30 am…..Got up at 7:15 am……for a “Son of Sardar” Movie Show at the Cinemax @ Pacific Mall, Tagore Garden.

Just got DRY CLEANED and with an extra hop in our steps and the Son of Sardar tune on our lips….we rushed to Cinemax……and took our seats in the HOUSEFULL mall. And we thought only we would be the crazy souls there.

After the Dabangg-2 Trailer and the Trailer of Khiladi 786, we wondered that Rajnikant would be feeling ashamed of himself. As it was tough to do what Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar have done in their respective upcoming movies.

We were again wronged…….Even Ajay Devgan was trying to be a la Rajnikant and Surpassed him in some stunts in SOS!!

The Movie starts with a dashing entry of Ajay Devgan on 2 horses amid the background score of SOS.

One cannot resist whistling and clapping and this SILSILA continues till the end of the movie.

The Movie is set in a background on which several hundred movies have been made before #Badla, #Love Story etc etc………

But how this movie is treated with so many different Characters and each one a prominent one and playing the role to the perfection making their mark.

SOS has it’s bits of Tensions, Romance, Comedy, Shayari, Songs, Jiggs, Train Scenes, etc etc……… and all laced with lots of Humour.

One can not sit continuously on his seat…….The One Liners, Punches, Shers, Make you jump from your seat and clap.

Here is One Liner for each Character:

Ajay Devgan                       Has done full justice to the Role and his efforts have materialsed. Yes in Some scenes he does look funny….. But that was exactly the Intention

Sonakshi Sinha                  She is the new Girl Next Door after Kajol. You cannot avoid to Adore and Love her.

Sanjay Dutt                         Sanjay Ditt has never done this kind of Role and this movie would be incomplete without him.

Juhi Chawla                        The First Girl Next Door…….is “Makhan Da Perra”. Need I Say more.

Tanuja                                  With her Phulkari Dupatta’s she looks good and plays the role of the matriarch to the Hilt. Would have wished he would have casted his Wifey kajol too in a small role like his Mother In law or may be just a cameo. L

Vindu Singh                        After Long he has got a Role that suits him perfect. And he leaves no stones unturned to act to perfection…..A Dialogue Associated with him “Silencer te Laga” will stay with us for long

Mukul Dev                             He repeats his Yamla Pagla Deewana act and makes us laugh with his perfect Comic Timing

Arjan Bajwa                        This young gentleman plays a Friend and proves one too. I am sure many Girls would leave the hall with his Memories

Salman Khan                      SUPER STAR!! Anything more and I would demean him

Small Sardar Kid                Adds the innocence to the movie and reminds of “Tussi Ja Rahe ho, TUssi na Jao” Kid of Kuch Kuch Hota hai!!

In short….GO and Watch……Aisi Filme kam hi aati hai!!


And Yes Music is Good and Sonakshi ki Dresses Bhi Acchi hai!!


Oh did I tell you that we didn’t have anything to Munch during interval???


In the Hustle Bustle of Early morning Show…….I missed brushing my teeth 🙂


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