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Linlithgow: My Introduction to Hostel life














Many of my Memories are Linked to this Building called Linlithgow.

I stayed in it for barely 9 Months, but the time spent there was very important.


It was here when I spent my first night and then next 90 Nights, without the sight of my parents.


My Parents just left me here with a promise to come back and pick me in evening. And they did not.
I kept Crying and Vomiting the entire night and I am know My Mom cried the entire night too. (I’m Teary Eyed when Writing this)


The very next Day I was Bullied, Kicked, Punched, Abused by my Classmate and it continued for atleast 6 Months.


Did I mention that I was only SIX years old then!!!!!

When I Think of Linligthgow, I Think of our Matron, Mrs Jacob!!


She injected DISCIPLINE into us. To an Extent.. That every night she checked our Underwears to see, if they were soiled and The Soiled one would get a Coat brush Whack.


And that was my bed, Just next to the Right most Window




Camera ka Janam!- Chotti si Kavita!

To all my Friends… Jinke Liye Camera sirf ek Machine nahi hai,
Ek khaas Zariya hai to Express themselves….

Bobby Roy Bhai….. inspired by your status and hence Dedicated to you 🙂

(Pls ignore the Spellings, Tenth board mein, Hindi Compartment thi meri)

काश ऐसा हो पाता, जो हम देखते है, वो सदा के लिए ह्मारे ज़हन में क़ैद हो पाता….
कही ना कही धुनदले हो जाते है पल, काश उन पलो को कोई क़ैद कर पाता….

शायद यही सोचा होगा उस खुदा ने, जो उसने केमरा का ईजाद किया….
जितना करे उसका शुकराना, वो कम है, क्यूकी उसने हुमको इस परेशानी से आज़ाद किया!
जी एस टी


Only a Genius c…

Only a Genius can say, He is a Fool….. Fools never say, We are Fools!!
#HowToFindGenius #ZaraSocho


You are the Aut…

You are the Author of How much Author-ity you shall Command, Write it well!!



“Made in Punjab”- The BEST Lunch Ever!!

Warning: Before Reading this Ensure that you have enough Time (Say 7 Minutes) and some snacks beside you to chew on, because I don’t want to take the blame if you chew your fingers accidentally

“There are some meals that are never to be forgotten and then there are some meals that are remembered forever!!”

Ohhh… Did I repeat the same thing, albeit in different words? No No.. Please don’t blame me; I am just back from the BEST LUNCH of my Life.

Yes, BEST LUNCH speaks miles.



It was a Wonderful event organized by “Delhi Gourmet Club” (DGC) at the “Made in Punjab” Restaurant recently opened at the Cyber Hub in Gurgaon. Have been following and loving the Club, But waited in the wings for very long. Every time thinking that next time I shall take a plunge. It didn’t take me long to decide to be part of the event once Rocky Mohan Sir informed me that Mr Jiggs Kalra would be personally be there at the event.

And I am thanking myself for the Plunge.

On a wonderful Typical Winter Delhi Afternoon, we headed to Gurgaon and reached the CYBER HUB, to be greeted by the Amazing members from the DGC.


The Excitement was in the air… The smile was there on everyone’s Lips and my sixth sense could tell me that we are here in for a wonderful afternoon. It was only later to be realized that it would extend till evening too!

After greeting everyone and seeking blessings from the great Chef and celebrated Food Writer Jiggs Kalra, we headed to start the afternoon with the Super Amazing Finger Snacks and a few glasses of Jacob Creek Chardonnay Wine.

The Seekh Kebab were super amazing and I had lots of it (How much is not what I am disclosing, lest DGC will ask me to pay a premium for upcoming events)

Another highlight was the PrawnBlachao, which was served on a Cracker.

After teasing us for a while with the finger foods, came the moment for the real fare.

Once On our Tables, we were well taken care of by the Staff at “Made in Punjab” and they asked us about our Food Preferences. And no, I don’t only mean if we are Veg. or Non Veg. but also, if we are allergic to any special food etc etc. Such Care sets the ground for us on what kind of Hospitality to expect and even our raised expectations were met brilliantly.

We were glad that we had a Vegetarian Sid Aryan on our table. Because that meant we could taste and then eat his food too.

The first to be presented was Amuse Bouche which was an Amazing Palak Patta Chaat. The Chaat was delicious and we were really tempted to ask for more. But resisted, as it gave us a glimpse of what more could be in store.

And then we were presented Tomato Soup which had Tawa Asparagus along with Toasted Kalonji Seeds.

Have to mention that “The Hat Plate” added to the experience.

And then came the REAL STUFF. Yes…. Kuch bhi kha lo, par jab tak you don’t have Haddi Wala Mutton, tab tak maza nahi aaata

So we were presented with a Tandoori Mutto Chaap (Triple) and have to say, it was just perfect. Most of the restaurants either serve it too hard, that the Flesh does not leave the Bone easily, or some over cook a lot and in the process, the mutton is so soft that it looks like Marmalade and not how Mutton should be.

Then we had Salmon Tikka…regards to which we had doubts about and conveyed it to Zorawar Bhai.

Oh Sorry, I forgot to introduce him.

Zorawar Kalra is the Son of Mr Jiggs Kalra and the man behind awesome Restaurant “Made in Punjab” and “Masala Library” and is coming up with many more innovative concepts which would unfold in 2014. We had been connected on Facebook for some time, but met for the first time yesterday and now it seems, I knew him for ages. He is PASSIONATE about his offerings and leaves no stone unturned to deliver anything less than 100%

Back to Salmon, after hearing us out… he explained us on how a Salmon Tikka is Made, How they Import it from Abroad, How a Actual Salmon Tikka should taste like, How the flakes should be. And later ordered another helping for us. Kehna Parega….. After all that knowledge in our heads… the Salmon Tikka tasted Divine.

Along with Salmon Tikka came Galouti Kabab and Varqi Parantha which was good and the Kabab left a Lingering taste on my taste buds, long after it was eaten.

After The starters we were presented with a Sorbet, which was innovatively presented on a stick like a Kulfi.  The purpose of Sorbet was to clean our palatte for the main course.

Only problem I faced was that when I see it, It looked like a Kulfi and when with same expectation I Ate, it was not sweet. So somehow 2 senses were competing against each other.

Now ready for the Main Course, we were presented with a Slow Cooked Lamb Shank dressed with Keema Gavy.

And by this time I had shunned by Chhuri Kanta and started to dig in… And it was not food, It was “An Edible Piece of Art” Meat so Succulent, Texture so smooth and Taste so Flavorsome.

Whenever I go back and that would be soon, I would order the Lamb Shank for sure.

Then we had the Ajwaini Prawans, which had a Piquant taste and somehow not what my taste buds enjoy.

The Butter Chicken along with Dal Makhni is one combination that any Punjabi can die for And I Announce that I am willing to die twice if this combination comes from “Made in Punjab” Kitchens.

With our Tummy’s holding more than it can hold, We waited for the Desserts.

A Wonderful plate carrying a Combination of Rasmalai and Gajar Halva topped with “Sone ki Varq” was presented and was polished off in a matter of seconds.

Another Dessert we relished was the Chocolate filled Gulab Jamuns beautifully presented on a bed of Roasted Fig and topped with Sesame Chikki as a Flag.

And then came the moment we all waited for…….. Crispy saffron glazed Jalebi’s along with Lacche Daar, Daane daar Rabri.

See the pic below and drool. And if you want to drool more, then see the image below that.


After having 2 servings of Jalebi, we requested the server to do some utla pulta and requested him to put the Jalebi’s in the glass first and then pour the daanedaar rabri over it.

And the Experience is too big for words…. So just close your eyes and feel the combination of Rabri Covered jalebi’s flirting with your tongue.


So, as I Said in the beginning, that it was not only my BEST LUNCH ever, But also the Longest one and I still wish that it would have lasted a bit longer.

After reading the entire article, I have realized that my words have not done justice to the Entire Experience.

So, would let you go yourself and check out the fare and thank me later.

And yes, when you send me the Thanks message, Do remember to send a glass of Jalebi Rabri Along with!!

Special Thanks for everyone at “Made In Punjab” and at “Delhi Gourmet Club” for this amazing experience.

May you Grow, May your Tribe Grow and Spread Happiness through FOOD 

Photos Clicked by Shashank Aggarwal

The Morning Breeze, the Nip in the Air, We can now sense that Winter is here!!



The Morning Breeze, the Nip in the Air,

We can now sense that Winter is here….


Apart from the Cold Weather, I look forward to many things new and Nice,

A few would be to have Garam Kheer, Gulab Jamun and  Garm-a-Garam Rajma Rice…..


Less use of Air conditioners in Winter is good for Environment too,

And I would cunningly admit, Good for my Pocket too…….


Electricity Bills go Down and so do the Petrol outgo,

And I just keep looking for places, Somewhere nice to go…….


Winter is also the time for me to Grin,
As My Sweatshirts cover my Tummy and I Look Thin……


It’s time for me to wear my Waist Coat,

And how Can I forget, it is also Time for us Delhi-ites to Vote…


The Only thing that worries me is for the People who sleep on the street,

It will be difficult for them to sleep in just a sheet……


No Worries, we will do our bit this year too.

Like we did in year Two Zero One two…..


Will try to ensure winters bring happiness for All,

So that everyone walks through their Life Happily and Not just Crawl….

The Morning Breeze, the Nip in the Air….

We can now sense that winter is here….


Sun is Shining, the Sky is Blue, There is an Opportunity rising for Me and You….

Abhi, While Converting my Diary of 2002 to Digital form, I discovered a short poem I used in that Day’s page. (1st July 2002)

Felt like Sharing as it is a beautiful Morning message!

“Sun is Shining, the Sky is Blue,
There is an Opportunity rising for Me and You,
With every Dawning of the Sun,
New opportunities have just begun,
With every breaking of the morn,
Fresh opportunities are newly born”

Kuch Chehre Aise bhi……… #1


Today While visiting the slums In KathPutli Colony, Shaadi Pur for our Jaadui Pitara, We
(me and Shashank Aggarwal) happened to stop at the Gujarati School to talk to Children. In the Process… Achank my Nazar got attracted to the Register(Note Book) of the Girl in picture.
Her Entire Register was full and Each Word was like a Pearl.Itni Acchi Handwriting!!!!!

Just goes on to Prove that Good Virtues do not depend on Good Environment, Money, Resources…. But on the Human being Him/Herself!!!

PS: My Handwriting is such that If I write Now….. Then after an Hour it will be even tough for me to read what I have Written 

The Complete Page of Register.
The Gujarati School… Where 35 student were studying!!

“Kuch Chehre Aise bhi………..” is a Series by me which Portrays and Salutes People who cross my way and Inspire me to keep Going. People who do not Blame Situations, But Make the Most out of it.
People who Create Solutions rather than problems.
People who believe in themselves and make others do the same. People who are Twinkling Stars and bring Cheer to even on Moonless Nights!

“Aas Paas Ki Khabrien” Sep 13 2013

  • In my last post I mentioned about The Domino’s BOGO offer of Wednesdays getting good Response. And on my FB page some friends do enquired if Pizza Hut is planning any Counter offer? So let me share with you that PHD (Pizza Hut Delivery) already has a running offer. The offer is same “Buy one, Get One” but rather restricting to a specific day, they have this offer for an entire Week i.e. 7th to 15th September 2013. Seems everyone is going to Have a Pizza Weekend 🙂


  • Strangely Entire Karol Bagh market seemed to be Empty. Was it the awaited Announcement of Modi as BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate or Sentencing of 4 Delhi Rapists to “Death by hanging” by the Courts.  None of them!! It Seems the Business here is declining with Locals shifting to other markets and the decline in the number of South Indian Tourists who stayed in this area and shopped a Lot.


  • Gaffar Market is facing the crunch too… Though here the culprit seems to be a Govt. Decision of increasing Import Duties on Imported TV/Ac’s and of the Appreciating Dollar.  The cost for dealers has gone up  by 10-20% and hence have affected the sales as the price Difference between organised market and grey market has narrowed down.
  • When Ganesh jee is all over Mumbai, How could Delhi stay behind. Delhi has it’s own Ganesh Pandals for as long as I can remember, But what I noticed today was the Mumbaisation of Ganesh Pandals. “Lal Bagh CHA Raja” is one of the most famous Pandal in Mumbai. And Now We have our very “Karol Bagh Ka Raja” :
  • -)Image
  • What I really love when I visit the High Street market is that every time you get to see something amazing and that you feel like standing there and watch it, Observe it and Praise it. Similar was the Case today with a Churan Wala. His Visual merchandising was amazing. And yes… even I am not a Churann Saunf Person, However Couldn’t resist buying some after seeing the awesome Display. Just give it a thought that this is not a permanent shop and this gentleman has to do this DAILY!!!!!


Samachar Smapt Hue. Jald Hi Wapas Ayenge!

Meeting the Author who changed my life 12 years ago!!

It was the Night of 15 May 2002, when I was feeling Dejected and Broken due to my Failure in completing my Graduation. It was then to get Some Sleep, I Picked up the latest copy of Business Today lying in my room and stumbled on an Article “The School of Hard Knocks”

Reading that Article I found a new Zest of Energy in me and immediately wrote to the Author Thanking him for the Priceless words he wrote which made me realise that Failure is Nothing and based on those Learnings I marched forward and was able to grab a Big Achievement within 45 Days.

Today, after 12 Years, I was Lucky Enough to Thank The Author in person. Mr Mahesh Murthy

Link to the Article.


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