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Aas Paas Ki Khabrein 11Sep 2013

dominos BOGO

  • Domino’s BOGO (Buy one get one) on Wednesdays is a hit. Saw 3 restaurants… all filled. And I am sure.. that online sales would be a hit too.
  • On a Wednesday afternoon.. place like Evergreen Sweets is Bhara hua and doing brisk business. (Pls note– Lunch hour is over 2 hours ago)
  • Am amused to see a beautiful lady dressed in a red dress eating Masala Dosa neatly with fork and Knife. I gave up this idea after failing 100 times.
  • Evergreen sweets serves Kulfi Faluda far far better than Haldiram does.
  • A centre called “Natural and Fresh”  Which should and till recently served Healthy Salads and Juices is now selling Cholle Chawal and Burgers.
  • Sirf mere table par ek banda baitha hai…… on others its Pair or Group
  • All restaurants should focus on having a Charging point at each table. Would get them more business. (However… McD, Costa,KFC and likes have no charging point compared to one or two they had earlier)

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How a Foodie Says I Love You

How a Foodie Says I Love You

How does a Foodie Say “I Love You”

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