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Chat with The Mirror #Bathroom Tales 5

Today When I stepped into by bathroom to brush my teeth……. I heard another Voice. 

And today it was my MIRROR.

As I looked into it and saw myself … I could hear my mirror saying…..

“Come on Gurpreet, let’s talk FACE TO FACE and then continued … 

“Each Person has many facets, which is Good…. But Masks over those Facets is not good. 

One can fool everyone in this world… but not yourself. Whenever you see the Mirror, You will only see and hear the truth…. Your Real Self……

Remember to “Be Sincere” to yourself, it will show through the Glow on your Face when you see the Mirror Next!!

And remember to “Smile when you see the Mirror….. If you can Smile for Others, You can Smile for yourself too”

(I can’t Stop Smiling :-)))))))))))

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