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Gurpreet, What are your Views on AAP in Delhi?

Lot of my Friends ask me about why I don’t write about Political changes/happenings in Delhi.

And was asked again a few minutes ago…….So thought to write about it…….

Its very rare when I don’t have point of view.

Very Frankly… I was not very impressed with AAP when they started and the way they started.
But then again I have been believer of Contrarion Theories… And Liked the Way they rose like Phoenix with an Entrepreneurial Attitude and won many hearts.

Yes, even after being in Power… They are making some wrong noises… Which does not reflect well even on their own fan base.

But what I love is that they are DOING. Means kuch kar rahe hai…. Humari tarah ghar par nahi baithe.

I love and agree to what Arvind Kejriwal says ( He talks sense and is a Good Orator)… But when Rethink certain dialogues… Then I realise many things are wrong.

I am person who always thinks and acts more from his Heart than my Mind. 

And Somehow, my Heart is not willing to agree ki jo ho raha hai accha ho raha hai!

Only reason that I restrain to talk about these issues on FB forum is that, AAP has created Fan Buoys like Apple had.They will even Fight and defend some Illogical Step.. and when facts take back seat, then I slowly Withdraw.

But yes I appreciate their view…. and Agar aane waale samay mein ek BARRA Badlaav aayega.. then Sabse aage khare hokar naara mein lagaunga!

“Bookaroo” Comes Back to Delhi Nov 23-24. Treat your kids to Books and Learnings Today along with lots of fun!!

Dear Parents… it’s your day to make your kids happy and take them to the world of Books and Learning!!
More Details at



After a cracker of a fifth edition last year, Bookaroo, your favourite literature festival, is all set to notch up the half-a-dozen mark. 

This year’s edition on November 23rd and 24th has a grand line-up of writers, illustrators, poets and storytellers that you will love meeting. We have invited more than 100 speakers from all over the world – and India – to come and celebrate books and literature with you.


It is going to be a packed programme on November 23rd and 24th 2013. Don’t let anything stop you from being there at the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA) on Rajendra Prasad Road. 

Children (and we mean their families too), come over, meet and chat with your favourite authors, take part in workshops, listen to enthralling stories from all over the world or just craft your way through the day. It is all there.

The Morning Breeze, the Nip in the Air, We can now sense that Winter is here!!



The Morning Breeze, the Nip in the Air,

We can now sense that Winter is here….


Apart from the Cold Weather, I look forward to many things new and Nice,

A few would be to have Garam Kheer, Gulab Jamun and  Garm-a-Garam Rajma Rice…..


Less use of Air conditioners in Winter is good for Environment too,

And I would cunningly admit, Good for my Pocket too…….


Electricity Bills go Down and so do the Petrol outgo,

And I just keep looking for places, Somewhere nice to go…….


Winter is also the time for me to Grin,
As My Sweatshirts cover my Tummy and I Look Thin……


It’s time for me to wear my Waist Coat,

And how Can I forget, it is also Time for us Delhi-ites to Vote…


The Only thing that worries me is for the People who sleep on the street,

It will be difficult for them to sleep in just a sheet……


No Worries, we will do our bit this year too.

Like we did in year Two Zero One two…..


Will try to ensure winters bring happiness for All,

So that everyone walks through their Life Happily and Not just Crawl….

The Morning Breeze, the Nip in the Air….

We can now sense that winter is here….



Why is this Patterned T-shirt becoming a Rage in Delhi, India?

Why is this Patterned T-shirt becoming a Rage in Delhi, India?

I am not sure… If any of you have spotted this Particular Design Tshirt on Delhi Streets…..

But in past 15 days,…. I have seen it for 15 times atleast……

Wondering if it’s Some Export Surplus or Some kind of Uniform


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