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“Aas Paas Ki Khabrien” Sep 13 2013

  • In my last post I mentioned about The Domino’s BOGO offer of Wednesdays getting good Response. And on my FB page some friends do enquired if Pizza Hut is planning any Counter offer? So let me share with you that PHD (Pizza Hut Delivery) already has a running offer. The offer is same “Buy one, Get One” but rather restricting to a specific day, they have this offer for an entire Week i.e. 7th to 15th September 2013. Seems everyone is going to Have a Pizza Weekend ūüôā


  • Strangely Entire Karol Bagh market seemed to be Empty. Was it the awaited Announcement of Modi as BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate or Sentencing of 4 Delhi Rapists to “Death by hanging” by the Courts. ¬†None of them!! It Seems the Business here is declining with Locals shifting to other markets and the decline in the number of South Indian Tourists who stayed in this area and shopped a Lot.


  • Gaffar Market is facing the crunch too… Though here the culprit seems to be a Govt. Decision of increasing Import Duties on Imported TV/Ac’s and of the Appreciating Dollar. ¬†The cost for dealers has gone up ¬†by 10-20% and hence have affected the sales as the price Difference between organised market and grey market has narrowed down.
  • When Ganesh jee is all over Mumbai, How could Delhi stay behind. Delhi has it’s own Ganesh Pandals for as long as I can remember, But what I noticed today was the Mumbaisation of Ganesh Pandals. “Lal Bagh CHA Raja” is one of the most famous Pandal in Mumbai. And Now We have our very “Karol Bagh Ka Raja” :
  • -)Image
  • What I really love when I visit the High Street market is that every time you get to see something amazing and that you feel like standing there and watch it, Observe it and Praise it. Similar was the Case today with a Churan Wala. His Visual merchandising was amazing. And yes… even I am not a Churann Saunf Person, However Couldn’t resist buying some after seeing the awesome Display. Just give it a thought that this is not a permanent shop and this gentleman has to do this DAILY!!!!!


Samachar Smapt Hue. Jald Hi Wapas Ayenge!

Aas Paas Ki Khabrein 11Sep 2013

dominos BOGO

  • Domino’s BOGO (Buy one get one) on¬†Wednesdays is a hit. Saw 3 restaurants… all filled. And I am sure.. that online sales would be a hit too.
  • On a Wednesday afternoon.. place like Evergreen Sweets is Bhara hua and doing brisk business. (Pls note– Lunch hour is over 2 hours ago)
  • Am amused to see a beautiful lady dressed in a red dress eating Masala Dosa neatly with fork and¬†Knife. I gave up this idea after failing 100 times.
  • Evergreen sweets serves Kulfi Faluda far far better than Haldiram does.
  • A centre called “Natural and Fresh” ¬†Which should and till recently served Healthy Salads and Juices is now selling Cholle Chawal and Burgers.
  • Sirf mere table par ek banda baitha hai…… on others its Pair or Group
  • All restaurants should focus on having a Charging point at each table. Would get them more business. (However… McD, Costa,KFC and likes have no charging point compared to one or two they had earlier)

Samachar Smapt

Forgive Me Lord, As I Fell for Temptation!!

Usually I Subscribe to 2 Newspapers in Paper Form. Hindustan Times and The Economic Times.

But this Sunday as Destiny would have it, My Newspaper Vendor dropped a Copy of Hindi Daily from Times group, Navbharat Times.

Having extra time at my hand and thinking that Reading a Hindi Newspaper would Brush up my Hindi a bit…. I started reading it.

After¬†turning¬†a few pages in Quick Succession….. I¬†stumbled¬†on an Advertisement from Indiatimes Shopping, Offering “Orpat Room Heaters”, with BOGO Offer.(Buy One Get One) @ Rs 1999/-¬†

Though the need was not there, but the Product looked Sleek, Was from a Good Company, Features were Good and came along with a Good offer and getting a sense that this winters could be chilly than earlier Years, We decided to order it.

Even with 300 Rs of Delivery Charges, I would have saved 700 Rs on each one.

Within 2 days…. I¬†received¬†the parcel.

The Goods Were as Desired and the Glow on the Face got Brighter.

Sadly the Glow Vanished when I scanned the Box for Additional Features 










The MRP read. Rs. 1290/- and not Rs.1990/- as printed in the Newspaper offer!!

Feeling Cheated….. I started writing this post……

But to ensure that I am not unreasonable….. I explored further and this is what I Found………





The price from Indiatimes is THE BEST.

Makes me wonder then why have they tried this strategy of Bloating the MRP and then giving it as a BOGO offer?, Due to this, You would have ALMOST lost a Client!!

And I am sure, for many more who would have not done this additional Study, would have been History. And a Bitter one!!


“Forgive me Lord, that I fell to Temptation!!”

changed to

“Thank you God, or I would have Sinned by being Unreasonable!!

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