The Story of 7 "S"

It was exactly this week last year, when My Bathroom “Geyser” Talked to me, and then next day it was Towel, Bathroom Slippers, Tap, Mirror Soap etc.
Don’t Believe me? Read on and see how my bathroom Turned my Classroom for a week.
Thinking of this instance still sends shivers up my spine!!

Gurpreet Singh Tikku

Har Cheez kuch Sikhati hai…… Kabhi Chup rehkar, to Kabhi cheekh cheekh kar hume apni baat samjhati hai!!

(Every Thing around us teaches us something or other… Some times by keeping mum and sometimes by shouting from the roof)


And this was experienced by me a few days ago…. When my Geyser TALKED to me…. Yes it did and it didn’t only Talk it gave me a lesson too. 

And then Every Next Day, I could hear voices from all the Accessories/Fittings in my bathroom and I wondered why I didn’t listen to them earlier.


But I am Glad that I did now…. And that I am sharing it with every one….

April 17, Friday 
Day 1:: Geyser


While I went for a bath….. I heard my Geyser Say…”Gurpreet, It takes me 30 minutes to heat the water in Winters, but in Summers (now)…. I take only 6 minutes to do…

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Mauke Par Chaukka!!

Disclaimer :- This is not a Political post. This is a Marketing post on how You can Advertise Your product along with the TRENDS of the market so that people Pay Attention to it.


Only a Genius can say, He is a Fool….. Fools never say, We are Fools!!
#HowToFindGenius #ZaraSocho

You are the Author of How much Author-ity you shall Command, Write it well!!


Lot of my Friends ask me about why I don’t write about Political changes/happenings in Delhi.

And was asked again a few minutes ago…….So thought to write about it…….

Its very rare when I don’t have point of view.

Very Frankly… I was not very impressed with AAP when they started and the way they started.
But then again I have been believer of Contrarion Theories… And Liked the Way they rose like Phoenix with an Entrepreneurial Attitude and won many hearts.

Yes, even after being in Power… They are making some wrong noises… Which does not reflect well even on their own fan base.

But what I love is that they are DOING. Means kuch kar rahe hai…. Humari tarah ghar par nahi baithe.

I love and agree to what Arvind Kejriwal says ( He talks sense and is a Good Orator)… But when Rethink certain dialogues… Then I realise many things are wrong.

I am person who always thinks and acts more from his Heart than my Mind. 

And Somehow, my Heart is not willing to agree ki jo ho raha hai accha ho raha hai!

Only reason that I restrain to talk about these issues on FB forum is that, AAP has created Fan Buoys like Apple had.They will even Fight and defend some Illogical Step.. and when facts take back seat, then I slowly Withdraw.

But yes I appreciate their view…. and Agar aane waale samay mein ek BARRA Badlaav aayega.. then Sabse aage khare hokar naara mein lagaunga!

Every Mother is an Amazing Story Teller!!
Sadly most of these Skills are only used to make Kids Eat Food or make them get up from Bed!!

#ExperiencingRightNow #MaaTujheSalaam

Warning: Before Reading this Ensure that you have enough Time (Say 7 Minutes) and some snacks beside you to chew on, because I don’t want to take the blame if you chew your fingers accidentally

“There are some meals that are never to be forgotten and then there are some meals that are remembered forever!!”

Ohhh… Did I repeat the same thing, albeit in different words? No No.. Please don’t blame me; I am just back from the BEST LUNCH of my Life.

Yes, BEST LUNCH speaks miles.



It was a Wonderful event organized by “Delhi Gourmet Club” (DGC) at the “Made in Punjab” Restaurant recently opened at the Cyber Hub in Gurgaon. Have been following and loving the Club, But waited in the wings for very long. Every time thinking that next time I shall take a plunge. It didn’t take me long to decide to be part of the event once Rocky Mohan Sir informed me that Mr Jiggs Kalra would be personally be there at the event.

And I am thanking myself for the Plunge.

On a wonderful Typical Winter Delhi Afternoon, we headed to Gurgaon and reached the CYBER HUB, to be greeted by the Amazing members from the DGC.


The Excitement was in the air… The smile was there on everyone’s Lips and my sixth sense could tell me that we are here in for a wonderful afternoon. It was only later to be realized that it would extend till evening too!

After greeting everyone and seeking blessings from the great Chef and celebrated Food Writer Jiggs Kalra, we headed to start the afternoon with the Super Amazing Finger Snacks and a few glasses of Jacob Creek Chardonnay Wine.

The Seekh Kebab were super amazing and I had lots of it (How much is not what I am disclosing, lest DGC will ask me to pay a premium for upcoming events)

Another highlight was the PrawnBlachao, which was served on a Cracker.

After teasing us for a while with the finger foods, came the moment for the real fare.

Once On our Tables, we were well taken care of by the Staff at “Made in Punjab” and they asked us about our Food Preferences. And no, I don’t only mean if we are Veg. or Non Veg. but also, if we are allergic to any special food etc etc. Such Care sets the ground for us on what kind of Hospitality to expect and even our raised expectations were met brilliantly.

We were glad that we had a Vegetarian Sid Aryan on our table. Because that meant we could taste and then eat his food too.

The first to be presented was Amuse Bouche which was an Amazing Palak Patta Chaat. The Chaat was delicious and we were really tempted to ask for more. But resisted, as it gave us a glimpse of what more could be in store.

And then we were presented Tomato Soup which had Tawa Asparagus along with Toasted Kalonji Seeds.

Have to mention that “The Hat Plate” added to the experience.

And then came the REAL STUFF. Yes…. Kuch bhi kha lo, par jab tak you don’t have Haddi Wala Mutton, tab tak maza nahi aaata

So we were presented with a Tandoori Mutto Chaap (Triple) and have to say, it was just perfect. Most of the restaurants either serve it too hard, that the Flesh does not leave the Bone easily, or some over cook a lot and in the process, the mutton is so soft that it looks like Marmalade and not how Mutton should be.

Then we had Salmon Tikka…regards to which we had doubts about and conveyed it to Zorawar Bhai.

Oh Sorry, I forgot to introduce him.

Zorawar Kalra is the Son of Mr Jiggs Kalra and the man behind awesome Restaurant “Made in Punjab” and “Masala Library” and is coming up with many more innovative concepts which would unfold in 2014. We had been connected on Facebook for some time, but met for the first time yesterday and now it seems, I knew him for ages. He is PASSIONATE about his offerings and leaves no stone unturned to deliver anything less than 100%

Back to Salmon, after hearing us out… he explained us on how a Salmon Tikka is Made, How they Import it from Abroad, How a Actual Salmon Tikka should taste like, How the flakes should be. And later ordered another helping for us. Kehna Parega….. After all that knowledge in our heads… the Salmon Tikka tasted Divine.

Along with Salmon Tikka came Galouti Kabab and Varqi Parantha which was good and the Kabab left a Lingering taste on my taste buds, long after it was eaten.

After The starters we were presented with a Sorbet, which was innovatively presented on a stick like a Kulfi.  The purpose of Sorbet was to clean our palatte for the main course.

Only problem I faced was that when I see it, It looked like a Kulfi and when with same expectation I Ate, it was not sweet. So somehow 2 senses were competing against each other.

Now ready for the Main Course, we were presented with a Slow Cooked Lamb Shank dressed with Keema Gavy.

And by this time I had shunned by Chhuri Kanta and started to dig in… And it was not food, It was “An Edible Piece of Art” Meat so Succulent, Texture so smooth and Taste so Flavorsome.

Whenever I go back and that would be soon, I would order the Lamb Shank for sure.

Then we had the Ajwaini Prawans, which had a Piquant taste and somehow not what my taste buds enjoy.

The Butter Chicken along with Dal Makhni is one combination that any Punjabi can die for And I Announce that I am willing to die twice if this combination comes from “Made in Punjab” Kitchens.

With our Tummy’s holding more than it can hold, We waited for the Desserts.

A Wonderful plate carrying a Combination of Rasmalai and Gajar Halva topped with “Sone ki Varq” was presented and was polished off in a matter of seconds.

Another Dessert we relished was the Chocolate filled Gulab Jamuns beautifully presented on a bed of Roasted Fig and topped with Sesame Chikki as a Flag.

And then came the moment we all waited for…….. Crispy saffron glazed Jalebi’s along with Lacche Daar, Daane daar Rabri.

See the pic below and drool. And if you want to drool more, then see the image below that.


After having 2 servings of Jalebi, we requested the server to do some utla pulta and requested him to put the Jalebi’s in the glass first and then pour the daanedaar rabri over it.

And the Experience is too big for words…. So just close your eyes and feel the combination of Rabri Covered jalebi’s flirting with your tongue.


So, as I Said in the beginning, that it was not only my BEST LUNCH ever, But also the Longest one and I still wish that it would have lasted a bit longer.

After reading the entire article, I have realized that my words have not done justice to the Entire Experience.

So, would let you go yourself and check out the fare and thank me later.

And yes, when you send me the Thanks message, Do remember to send a glass of Jalebi Rabri Along with!!

Special Thanks for everyone at “Made In Punjab” and at “Delhi Gourmet Club” for this amazing experience.

May you Grow, May your Tribe Grow and Spread Happiness through FOOD 

Photos Clicked by Shashank Aggarwal

A few Days ago a Friend posted on Eatlo, enquiring about where he can find Bhaji Boxes in Old Delhi or Karol Bagh.


And the Query transported me back by 20 years to a wonderful World, when we stayed in Karol Bagh and when there was not even one day when we didn’t have Matthi, Namak para , Gurr ki Mithai, Tossa at our place.

One reason was that we really loved it and also because the best shops were near our place.
So, as soon it finished, I would pick up my Blue Coloured, Hero Ranger Cycle and rush to grab some more.

So, when it was asked on Eatlo, I could resist commenting and advising to get it from Mohan Sweets in Desh Bandhu Gupta Market, which was my favourite shop there.


One more reason of this being my Favourite shop was that the Pot Bellied Aged owner would smile seeing me… And would always give an extra piece of Mithai in my hand… irrespective if I bought for Rs 10 or Rs 50.

Today, I was in Karol Bagh for some Work. And as it was Lunch time, I was feeling hungry.
So, I went to Om Corner and had Bhature Cholle.  And then to have some Meetha, headed to nearby Sindhi Corner for Rabri Faluda.

After having my fill, When I was about to come back…… I remembered the post and headed to Mohan Sweets.

The Shop looked the same and brought back many memories.

Even the Salesman behind the Counter was same.

I asked him to pack a 1 Kg Box of Bhaji. In a minute the 48 year old Owner of the shop too joined him and I could remember seeing him Bees Saal pehle.



(Pic of the Bhaji Box I Bought)

Meanwhile a Group of School Students came there. And one of them Stretched his hand with a Rs 10 note and asked for “Paanch Rupye ke Namak pare” And the Owner Said.. “Chal aage ja”.

Was really astonished to see this attitude of the owner. The kid with his head bowed down walked away.

And I wondered how a Shopkeeper can talk like this. Rather, he should have taken Rs 5 and give whatever the Weighing scale would have justified. Or at the maximum Smiled and  told his inability to do so.



(The Boy who came to the Shop is one of these Smiling, Beaming School Children. Couldn’t resist capturing their Innocence)

Firstly, he should not have talked to the Kid like this, also who was his Current Consumer, and would have come back ordering MORE in the future. Just Like I have come today!!


What was more Ironical is that on the Weighing Scale of the Shop, a Doha of Kabir was written citing the Importance of Karma (Pic Attached)


(Pic of the DOHA on the Weighing Scale of Mohan Sweets)

One thing is for Sure that he has lost the Customer in me, But If I go to his Place…. Would surely give him another Kabir  Doha… And probably ask him to paste it facing him


(My planned Gift for the Owner of Mohan Sweets)

Don’t Blame, Don’t B-Lame

1st December was and will always be special in the life of Cottonions. 

This is the Day when we used to come back to our homes after staying 9 months in our Hostel BISHOP COTTON SCHOOL SHIMLA 
This was the day we met our Family and gali ke friends for the first time since March when we left for the session.
This is the day when our Final Exams got over.
This is the day when we had THREE MONTHS of vacations waiting for us.
This is the Day when we came back as 35 kg and went back as 45 in 3 months after having maa ke haath ka khana.

And this is the Day we used to get our Clothes and stuff packed in our Trunks to get back home. This Trunk is 30 years Old!!!

This has been and forever will be the Best day of my Life!!!
Happy 1st December!!!



PS:-Waise this DIAMOND Sticker was of Diamond Shoes. Which I had purchased from the factory. It had a small pocket and Was a good place to keep some cash…. this would help us not getting bullied while the seniors checked our shorts and trousers!

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